Version 5

After successfully completing an Alpha Sapphire playthrough, the Pokémon Memorial Garden is up to date. There are now 3 Champions, and a whopping 150 dead Pokémon, which is actually terrifying.

I'm still planning some new visual and audio stuff for this project, but there are other things on my mind too. Viewing a grave at random was fine when there weren't that many, but now there are a LOT so I have new problems. It's getting less and less likely to see any given grave, and I'm thinking Twine is probably not the best format for something like this. I don't want to just present players with a list of 150 links to click to explore the graves, and even if I divided them into groups I'm still not sure how to refer to each grave BEFORE you click on it and see what it says.

I'm considering creating a new version in a different program. It would be cool to make the Garden a space that can actually be explored, and turning each grave into a physical object you can read without having to click on would be good I think. Plus I will absolutely throw in some random encounters with ghost Pokémon.

This is doable in a 2D game, but it would also be a good thing I can use as an end-goal as I learn to make 3D games.

I will keep you posted!


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Jul 20, 2018

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