You're a necromancer running late for a date with his vampire boyfriend. You'll have to reanimate a bunch of skeletons to help you get there in time.

PLEASE NOTE: This is extremely unfinished, and should be considered an incredibly early prototype. I'm hoping to get a full version released in a few weeks.

UPDATE 1: Added commands to give new interactive fiction players some help. Also added a couple more objects, but still working on the ways to interact with them.


Written and programmed by Hamish McIntyre, using Inform 7.

Created for Rainbow Jam 20.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsText based


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Is this the last line of the prototype so far?: "You're going to need some help from the only people you can trust: A bunch of magically animated mindless skeletons."

The "more" button shows up for me, but when I click it, or try to press any other key, nothing's happening :(

Huh, that's weird...I never saw this problem myself, you're meant to be able to press any key and then it takes you to the start of the game. I'll look into it, thanks for letting me know.

Working for me now!


So far so good. It would be great if you add/create a help file with the available commands and how to use it.

Thanks! This is a really good idea, I appreciate it! I'll add something in the next update :)