You are a dungeon! Consume adventurers trying to explore you.


Written by Hamish McIntyre.

Art by Philadelphia Hanson-Viney.

Made withTwine


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An intresting game. one of those I can revisit when I am bored

Btw I can't wait for you to finish creating Mandatory Date Night! XD

Oh geez, yeah. Real life got in the way and that moved pretty low on my priority list. But I haven't forgotten about it!

Very interesting game! I really enjoyed it but I was wondering if the only ending was the death of the dungeon? 0_0

Thankyou! Yeah, that's the only ending so far, but I may update it in the future!

XD Okay! Looking forward to it ;)

This is a really cool idea^^ I never played as a dungeon.

Thankyou! I hope you liked it :)